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Have questions about our products? Get in touch with one of our industry experts.

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Standards & Norms

Today’s dilemma for firefighters: norms & restrictions vs real-world needs

Over the past few years, I have been in conversation with different brigades around the fears and challenges they face in their workplace. This has given me a...

Industrial safety

Hyperinflation in the protective clothing industry

Every industry across the world is currently faced with price increases. Many nations report high inflation numbers and this is not expected to change anytime...


The rise of recycled polyester fibres in the production of sustainable protective clothing

What is recycled polyester? Recycled polyester fibres extracted from recycled plastic bottles (PET) are being increasingly used in fabric manufacturing. What...


Remaining accountable: how we are committing to sustainability and social responsibility

At TenCate Protective Fabrics, sustainability and transparency have become an integral part of our organisation. We strive not only to work in a way that...

Inside Our Company

A unique approach launching new products: placing end users at the core

At TenCate Protective Fabrics, we pride ourselves on our approach to launching new products. Whenever we introduce a new product to the market, we consider the...


Protection and sustainability: are you ready for the best of both worlds?

At TenCate Protective Fabrics, we’re gearing up to launch a new fabric that will revolutionise the future of protective workwear. While we can’t give away too...

Metal & Steel

Can protective clothing regulations work hand-in-hand with sustainability?

As a protective fabric manufacturer, there are certain norms - or regulations - that we must adhere to in the production of our fabrics. The fabrics and...


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Industrial safety

4 Essential Elements in the Sustainable Protective Clothing Supply Chain

As companies around the world make the shift towards becoming more environmentally aware, sustainability is a hot topic. But sustainability isn’t just about...


Striking the perfect balance of values with sustainable PPE clothing

At TenCate Protective Fabrics, we have a duty to help our industry reduce its ecological impact. When it comes to sustainable protective clothing, our mission...

Industrial safety

Protective Clothing - Not Just an Insurance but a Necessity

It might sound like a strange comparison, but protective clothing and insurance in fact have several things in common. And when all goes well, you don’t need...