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Introducing Tecapro® Ecogreen, the first-ever FR-treated fabric with 50% green materials.

Tecapro® Ecogreen is our newest flame-resistant fabric. Developed with steel, metal, utility and multi-risk industries in mind, it delivers exceptional results in the following areas:

  • More comfort: better moisture management thanks to the use of Tencel™ Lyocell
  • Same protection: with the development of new technology to ensure the fabric is fully flame-resistant
  • Smaller ecological footprint: swapping out a big part of the regular cotton and polyester fibres for eco-friendly fibres Tencel™ Lyocell and Repreve® recycled polyester
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Empower our claims

To substantiate the claims we make for our Tecapro® Ecogreen fabrics, we developed an EPD®. The EPD® provides transparent and comparable LCA (Life Cycle Assessment) based information about the environmental impact of a product throughout its manufacturing chain, including: water, energy, chemical substances, emissions & waste.

Ultimate softness and breathability

Enjoy freedom to move comfortably all day long, thanks to smooth, lightweight natural fibres with excellent moisture management.

Multi-risk protection with zero compromise

Guarantee exceptional FR performance for the full spectrum of major industrial risks.

First-ever FR-treated fabric with 50% green materials

Maximise your sustainable impact with eco-friendly TENCEL™ Lyocell and 100% recycled REPREVE® polyester, complete with EPD® for a measurable footprint.

Technical specifications

  • Weight
    320 g/m²
  • Blend
    50% /30% /19% /1%
  • Composition
    CO/TENCEL™ Lyocell/rPes/Static-Control™
  • PPE requirements
    F E L S optional: C D
  • Level of comfort


  • Level of durability


  • Sustainable
Available colours
  • River (60662) River
  • Navy (63805) Navy
  • HV Yellow (EN 20471) (64516) HV Yellow
    (EN 20471) 64516
  • Marmalade (66777) Marmalade
  • Papaya (61070) Papaya
  • Vulcano (66935) Vulcano
  • Charcoal (65576) Charcoal
  • General requirements
    EN ISO 13688: 2013
  • Welding
    EN ISO 11611, class 1: 2015
  • Liquid chemicals
    EN 13034: 2005 + A1: 2009
  • Anti-static for explosion risk
    EN 1149-5: 2018, EN 1149-3: 2004
  • Electric Arc
    EN IEC 61482-1-2, class 1: 2015 HRC/Category 2 (8 ≤ ATPV ≤ 25 cal/cm2)
  • Industrial flame & heat hazards
    EN ISO 11612 A1, A2, B1,C1,E3,F1: 2015 (A1, A2 = 50x ISO15797 - 75 ˚C - 2 dot.)
  • High visibility colour: yellow Contrast colour: River 60662, Vulcano 66935, Marmelade 66777, Papaya 61070, Grey 65436, Navy 63805, Charcoal 65576
    EN 20471: 2013




Expert talks

Want to know how Tecapro® Ecogreen really performs in practice? Check out these testimonials from end users as well as reviews from industry experts, to see what makes this best-of-both-worlds fabric so special.


Alexandra Steger from Lenzing Group talks you through the improved comfort aspects of Tecapro® Ecogreen, offered by TENCEL™ Lyocell.


Our colleagues at Unifi provide an overview of their REPREVE® fibre, which is made up of recycled polyester, and its exciting new foray into the world of fire-resistant technologies.


Workwear producer Havep talk us through their sustainability and positive impact strategies, and how their partnership with TenCate Protective Fabrics and Tecapro® Ecogreen aligns with those strategies.


We chat with Gerwin Bosch, who works in electrical engineering, who gives us a review of his new work suit made with Tecapro® Ecogreen.


Eva Harmans from Elis, a major industrial laundry in Europe, talks us through their wash testing process and how Tecapro® Ecogreen measured up when put through these tests.


We asked clothing manufacturer Rensing Workwear to give us their verdict on the properties and benefits of Tecapro® Ecogreen.


Krishna Manda from Lenzing Group, supplier of TENCEL™ Lyocell, provides an overview of how the fibre fits into the company’s sustainability strategy.

Test centre videos

Comfort (EN)

In this video we will explain more about the performances of moisture management and the effect on the wearing comfort.


Explore the changes we applied throughout the production process to reduce the environmental footprint of this innovative FR-treated fabric.


Watch Tecapro® Ecogreen gets undertaken to a burn of 10 seconds. Test according to EN ISO 15025: 2016 – method.


See the EG 9600 fabric gets tested for pilling after washing. Test according to ISO 12945-2.


Watch the tensile strength and tear strength tests of EG 9600, and their results. Tests according to EN ISO 13934-1: 2013 and EN ISO 13937-200: 2000.


The well known ATPV Open Arc fabric test. Test according to IEC 61482-1-1; 2019.

Where to buy

Where To Buy - Cepovett

“In all industries, we see that wearers are always requesting us for increased comfort and excellent protection of their protective garments. Tecapro® Ecogreen, the first flame retardant solution composed of 50% green fibres, is a fabric that meets these expectations. With TENCEL™ Lyocell and REPREVE recycled polyester fibres, this fabric is very breathable, durable, feels soft to the skin and this all without compromising the level of protection. We have therefore chosen to integrate this fabric into our range of multi-risk clothing in order to meet the expectations of wearers, and for its low environmental footprint.”

Sébastien Marie, Technical Development & PPE Manager, Cepovett

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Rensing on TenCate Tecapro® Ecogreen EG 9600 - "What matters to you is that it is a comfortably soft and robust material that is not only easy to look after, but that also offers outstanding protective properties with a low surface weight.”

Sven Groß-Holtwick, Project sales, Rensing Workwear clothing manufacturer

View collection

Where To Buy - Havep

"Sustainability is one of Havep's main pillars. Our company helps people with a distance to the labor market to participate in society again, our new headquarters is 100% sustainable and we have been appointed a Fair Wear leader in 2021. Off course we are incredibly proud of this, but we strive to push the boundaries further. Tecapro® Ecogreen is a fabric that is important in our ambition to make our clothing range even more sustainable. We are proud that TenCate Protective Fabrics has invited Havep to become one of the partners for this sustainable product.”

Wilma Bloot, CEO, HAVEP

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Where To Buy - Krystian

“The newest Krystian ProEco safety collection made of Tecapro® Ecogreen fabric is a perfect combination of safety, sustainability, comfort, and style. Created based on sport design, including stretchy elements to ensure easy movement even by intensive and rapid position changes while working.”

Elżbieta Rogowska, Vice President PW, Krystian

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Where To Buy - Sioen

“The Tecapro® Ecogreen EG 9600 fabric is the perfect solution to respond to the increasing demand of the market towards more sustainable and comfortable protective clothing. This new sustainable collection of workwear garments made with Tecapro® Ecogreen will come next to our very successful ‘Sio-Safe Essential’ collection.”

Johan Peirlinck, Product & Project Manager, Sioen

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Where To Buy - Van Heurck

“For us, Tecapro® Ecogreen is an important step in improving the sustainability of our collections. When developing sustainable clothing, we take several different factors into account: the raw materials that we chose, the ecodesign of the clothing, socially responsible production, clothing that can be used to extend service life through sustainable maintenance, end-of-life solutions for clothing.We endeavour to combine all of this with the carbon neutrality of our business operations. We consider it important that sustainability is more than just a marketing tool, but something that can be quantified as well. That’s why we enter into partnerships with accredited labels, such as the Fair Wear Foundation, CO2 logic, and Ecovadis.This requirement was also satisfied for the TenCate Protective Fabric’s Tecapro® Ecogreen fabric. An ISO 14025 EPD® report from Tecapro® Ecogreen mapped out a positive, quantifiable impact on the environment, and we are pleased to be able to use this innovative fabric for our collections.”

Dries van Heurck, CEO, Van Heurck

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Best of both worlds. One fabric.

Low footprint meets high comfort within FR-treated portfolio

The highest-quality, most comfortable protective workwear with the smallest environmental footprint possible: Tecapro® Ecogreen was designed to tick all these boxes while meeting the highest standards for multi-norm protection. That’s no small feat! We’re proud to have innovated the world’s first sustainable FR-treated solution containing 50% green fibres. Eco-friendly TENCEL™ Lyocell produced from responsibly-sourced wood and 100% recycled REPREVE® polyester make for a breathable, durable fabric that’s soft on the skin and stands up to frequent industrial washing.

Facing the future with confidence

Tecapro® Ecogreen is a ground-breaking product that brings everyone a step further: from garment makers looking to launch eco-friendly protective workwear collections; to workers who want to move more comfortably, confidently and safely throughout their day; to companies committed to reducing their environmental footprint. Tecapro® Ecogreen closes the gap and delivers the future.

Do you want to know your positive impact to the environment?

This Eco-Fabrics Footprint Calculator is a quick and easy tool to measure the environmental impact of your workwear. Simply input your garment sets or fabric metres, as well as your sustainable fabric type, and you will receive an instant calculation of your workwear’s eco-footprint. It’s the perfect companion for working towards your company’s sustainability goals — why not give it a go today?

Garment sets
  • Garment sets
  • Meters
Sustainable fabric type
  • Sustainable FR-treated fabric
    • Tecapro® Ecogreen - EG 9600







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