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Corporate social responsibility

Made for life

TenCate Protective Fabrics is a global leading producer of flame resistant (FR) fabrics used in protective clothing worn by professionals around the world. We design, develop and produce a broad range of fabrics to satisfy the ever-evolving needs of industrial workers, as well as firefighters and military and police personnel.


Sustainability and transparency have become an integral part of our organisation. We strive not only to work in a way that reduces our impact on the environment, but to be transparent with stakeholders around how well we are doing when it comes to sustainability, and where we aim to improve.

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"We are not only there to empower end users to feel safe, comfortable and confident in what they do. Made for Life also entails our responsibility to care for the planet and ensure a higher quality of life for all of us."

Maria Gallahue-Worl
Chief Executive Officer at TenCate Protective Fabrics

The textile industry has a reputation for being a heavy polluter, for instance through the chemical used during the dyeing and finishing processes we employ. We often get a lot of questions around such processes, and their ecological impact. As a company that is committed to social responsibility, we have therefore two important pillars to being transparent; CSR reporting and complying to the STeP by OEKO-TEX® (level 3) certification programme for the textile industry.

The initiatives addressed in our CSR report represent added value not just for the environment, but also for our customers, our employees and our company. We believe that building our company on a foundation of sustainability will result in sustainable business growth and increased economic value for everyone involved.


CSR Report 2021

Download here our CSR report 2021

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