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Have questions about our products? Get in touch with one of our industry experts.

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A future-proof textile industry, how does that look like


What does a future-proof textile services sector looks like according to our industry experts?

“Breathing circularity, towards a green economy: facing challenges with optimism. How can we build a future-proof textile services sector and attract new...

Flame resistant fabric selector - easily select the best fabrics for your PPE clothing


Choosing the right FR-fabrics made simple: meet the Fabric Selector

If we could grant Health & Safety Managers a wish when it comes to the selection process of protective clothing, we often hear that it would be great if...

Global trends for the protective clothing industry

Industrial Safety industries

The four global trends that affect the protective clothing industry

The world around us is developing at a rapid pace, and these changes have a great impact on how we operate our businesses. We must continuously assess external...

Most popular sustainable fabrics for workwear and protective workwear

Industrial Safety industries

What are the most popular sustainable fabrics currently available on the market?

As industries across the globe search for ways to improve their ecological footprint, you may be wondering what sustainable fabric options are available. When...



What sustainable fibres are available on the textile market?

As a health and safety manager, we understand that your employees’ safety and comfort are your priority. When it comes to selecting the right protective...

PPE clothing regulations and sustainability goals

Metal & Steel industry

Can protective clothing regulations work hand-in-hand with sustainability?

As a protective fabric manufacturer, there are certain norms - or regulations - that we must adhere to in the production of our fabrics. The fabrics and...


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The sustainable protective clothing supply chain explained

Industrial Safety industries

4 Essential Elements in the Sustainable Protective Clothing Supply Chain

As companies around the world make the shift towards becoming more environmentally aware, sustainability is a hot topic. But sustainability isn’t just about...

FR garments can burn when washed incorrectly

Industrial Safety industries

How incorrect laundering can make your FR garment burn

Quite often, we receive the following question: can FR properties in protective clothing be washed off? The answer is no - flame retardant (FR) properties...

Professionally outsourcing of fire suit washing

Fire Service industry

3 reasons to professionally outsource fire suit washing, drying, & maintenance

You’d be surprised to learn just how many fire stations launder their fire suits in-house. It might seem harmless, but laundering your suits without proper...

Regular workwear

We’re in this together, Europe: creating a PPE value chain without borders

It’s worth stopping to think about it: at this moment, organisations the world over are working tirelessly to increase their production capacities and organise...