As a specialized producer of protective fabrics serving diversified markets ranging from workwear, industrial safety, military and police and fire fighters, we draw a particular attention to the specificities of each of these applications to provide them with the most adequate product solutions.

For decades, TenCate Protective Fabrics has partnered with fibers and finish suppliers, industry specialists, garment makers and industrial laundries to create products properties tailored to these specific requirements.

The unparalleled variety of products we offer incorporate a multitude of fibers, finishing technologies, FR technologies engineered to provide the highest level of protection and comfort proven to last for the life of the garment.

We continuously invest in research & development to develop proprietary technologies and patented solutions that bring you the best of the world of technical textiles and continuously improve safety, comfort, durability and overall, value.


Protection and Comfort

TenCate Protective Fabrics supplies innovative outer-shell fabrics which provide a tough, durable and above all safe first line of defense against heat, flame and abrasion. Key considerations include inherent heat- and flame-resistance, tear resistance, abrasion resistance, thermal performance (during and after thermal exposure) and water repellency.

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Thermal Liners

Innovation close to your skin

The thermal-barrier with thermal-liner is a combination of both fabrics. The thermal liner insulates firefighters from the intense conducted, convected and radiant heat of structural fires. It reduces the heat stress experienced by firefighters. A thermal barrier typically consists of a thermal-liner quilted to one or more layers of non-woven. Thinners and lighter thermal barriers offer greater comfort characteristics, which can reduce the heat stress for firefighters.

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Moisture Barriers

Protection at it’s best

This critical part of a firefighter’s turnout gear provides a durable line of defense against water and hazardous liquids (such as chemicals and body fluids). The thermal-moisture barrier prevents moisture from passing through to the inside of the garment, but allows any perspiration to pass through. The thermal-moisture barrier helps to keep firefighters dry and protect them from hazardous liquids. At the same time it helps to reduce heat stress by facilitating the outflow of heat and vapour.

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Extra protection when you need it

Reinforcement material has also been incorporated into the suit of a fire fighter. It is a high efficiency, durable protection fabric, which is designed specifically to reinforce areas of turnout gear receiving excessive wear, such as knees and elbows. The reinforcement materials of TenCate Protective Fabrics have a lightweight construction and exceptional thermal resistance. This makes it an excellent alternative to traditional reinforcement products.

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The Right combination

TenCate has an extensive range of fabrics that meet the wishes of end users and that far outperform statutory requirements. As a producer of high-tech fabrics, TenCate is the only supplier to provide total systems that have been so thoroughly tested. In addition to the outer layer, these systems also comprise a moisture-regulating barrier and an inner lined thermal barrier. Knowledge of all three layers allows the creation of the optimal system, with each separate layer complementing and reinforcing the other layers.

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