Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) provides TenCate with a vehicle for integrating sustainability into its operational processes. Managing the value chain involves numerous sustainability aspects to a greater or lesser degree. As client, manufacturer, supplier and partner within various value chains, TenCate is constantly working at creating sustainable innovations in many different areas.

CSR involves striving towards a balance between People (social and ethical aspects), Planet (ecological and environmental aspects) and Profit (economic and operational aspects). TenCate aims at transparent and ethical business operations. This goal is structurally embedded in the various facets of the organization and its operations. The division has further defined, drafted and organized TenCate’s CSR policies in accordance with the structure, content and principles of the CSR Performance Ladder.

Social involvement
Our sustainability policies are in constant flux. If a client, supplier, partner or other stakeholder of Ten Cate Protect bv sees possibilities for greater sustainability, then we encourage them to enter dialogue with us.

Stakeholders will find all the information and options they require for effective feedback at and or contact us directly via

Key aims of TenCate Protective Fabrics
Based on sustainability expectations – as they currently exist for the division – the following key aims have been defined for the sustainability policies of Ten Cate Protect bv:

Focus on the customer

Ten Cate Protect bv develops and manufactures materials and systems that make the difference for our clients, with an eye to protecting them and their environment. This is the intrinsic sustainability value our products possess. To achieve this most effectively, it is essential to listen properly to the requirements and expectations of our clients and their customers. Providing them with the right information on the intended purpose and possibilities of our materials is also essential, with suggestions and any feedback being given the highest priority. But we go the extra mile. We want to anticipate (future) questions from clients for sustainable solutions. The quest for sustainable solutions and alternatives is integrated into product development. We aim to increase the sustainability share of our products in these solutions in a way that reflects our clients’ ambitions in the area of sustainability. And yet we are always open to joint exploration and development.

Sound products and processes

For Ten Cate Protect bv, constantly adapting our operations to mitigate any negative impact they might have on the environment is a key objective. Ten Cate Protect bv is fully aware of its own environmental impact and is proactively reducing it. Key aspects of this include the raw materials we use, packaging and transport movements. Sustainable chain management demands effective cooperation with our suppliers. Furthermore, Ten Cate Protect bv is also responsible for ensuring that its presence and activities have as low a negative impact as possible on biodiversity in its locality.

Over the long term, we are focusing on:

  • Anticipating client demand for sustainable products.
  • Deploying TenCate’s proprietary ecotool model to measure the ecosystem impact of our products throughout the chain (through land use, water consumption, energy usage, transport requirements, carbon emissions, etc.).
  • Promoting greater awareness of the key material flows in the primary processes, including packaging, with significant reductions as the main objective.
  • Significantly reducing CO2 emissions by implementing measures on gas and electricity usage and transport requirements.
  • Making our internal office processes more “sustainable”.

Social involvement

Ten Cate Protect bv contributes positively to local economies by engaging staff, services, goods and materials from the locality, and makes this process transparent through policy agreements and procedures and in its financial reporting. These contributions to local communities are not limited to economic development but can also entail social and/or environmental aspects. In practice, this means supporting or cooperating with charitable and social organizations in the locality (sponsoring, donations and participation).

Responsible conduct of business

Honest (international) commerce is very important for Ten Cate Protect bv. This includes integrity in business and resisting attempts at corruption, bribery or other forms of subterfuge. Human rights are an integral part of this. Ten Cate Protect bv observes national and international regulation and works to reduce undesirable effects on communities in all its fields of activity.

This means any contributions to political lobby groups and/or political parties must be ethical.

We do not seek to deflect problems to others. This means that we are aware of human rights in the chain and translate the associated demands and expectations to and from our supplier chain. Ten Cate Protect bv ensures the development, compliance and continual improvement of policy measures in order to make sure that our activities, procurement and investment do not conflict with human rights.

Good employment practice

Being a good and socially responsible employer is a given within our company. The people that make up Ten Cate Protect bv are crucial to its success. Hence the centrality of our internal slogan “People that make a difference”. The primary focus in our company is on the health and well-being of our own employees and on ensuring safe working conditions. In our factories, the quality (= safety and sustainability) of the processes depends on the people who run them (= well-being).

Ten Cate Protect bv aims for a pleasant and healthy yet commercially productive working environment for its employees with scope for individual initiative and personal development. Key aspects are social innovation and people management: i.e. promoting involvement & satisfaction, personal development, training and diversity. We aim to provide an involving, stimulating working environment to our employees.

Sound business practice

By embedding and embracing its responsibility towards its stakeholders as embodied in the core CSR themes of People, Planet, Profit, Ten Cate Protect bv aims to demonstrate that it exercises good governance through informed choices. We want our activities to contribute to creating an infrastructure beneficial to the environment or the common good.

Transparency is an essential aspect of good corporate governance and our relationship with society.