TenCate Protective Fabrics has established strong partnerships with worldwide leading industrial laundries. Our reputation in that field is based on our innovation capabilities that led to the introduction of some of the most exciting developments in the world of workwear and industrial safety fabrics.

Naturally as industrial laundries have become essential business partners, all our industrial safety and workwear fabrics are designed to provide outstanding durability to high washing and drying temperatures. In addition to their enhanced protective and comfort features, these advanced textiles benefit from a superior colorfastness and strength capabilities allowing a much longer garment life cycle, even after repeated launderings.

In fact we put so much attention to provide tailored solutions to industrial laundries that we go as far as developing fabrics engineered to last over 100 washes while allowing to drastically shorten drying cycles. This, in a willingness to contribute to the industry’s growing efforts to bring energy consumption to the lowest possible level.

To bring you these latest product innovations we have at your disposal a team of technical experts as well as a dedicated industrial laundry sales force.