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Have questions about our products? Get in touch with one of our industry experts.

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Nomex Advance Truecolor

Introducing: a modern fire suit for next-gen firefighters

Nomex® Advance® Truecolor® is our new lightweight outer shell fabric that protects firefighters from heat and flames, the elements and toxic residues. Developed in close collaboration with real firefighters and the best garment makers in the industry, it’s designed for:

  • Increased comfort - lightweight, breathable, easy to move in
  • World-class protection - robust beyond industry safety norms
  • Maximal durability - colourfastness that stands up to frequent washing

In fact, firefighters across the Netherlands are already wearing it as part of their new turnout gear!

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Lasting looks

Setting the new standard for colourfastness, Nomex® Advance® Truecolor® delivers deep, rich, colour shades that retain their brilliance over time and through heavy, frequent laundering.

Built to perform

Featuring a 200 g/m2, double-layer construction, this outer shell offers leading levels of durability paired with the thermal protection of Kevlar® fibres for lightweight performance in harsh environments. 

Wider range of motion

Constructed with a unique, herringbone double weave, Nomex® Advance® Truecolor® provides more flexibility and a wider range of motion for improved comfort and mobility.

Technical specifications

  • Weight
    200 g/m²
  • Composition
  • PPE requirements
    B S
  • Level of comfort


  • Level of durability


Available colours
  • Navy (89374) Navy
  • Gold (89378) Gold
  • Red (89379) Red
  • General requirements
    EN ISO 13688: 2013
  • Anti-static for explosion risk
    EN 1149-5: 2018, EN 1149-3: 2004
  • Firefighting
    EN 469: 2006


Expert Talks

Want to know how the outer shell really performs in practice? Check out these testimonials from firefighters as well as reviews from industry experts, to see what makes this outer shell so special.


A tour that gives a glimpse of the new innovative custom firefighting suit of Safety Region IJsselland and how their wearers experience their new suit in practice.


Our collaboration with researchers at DuPont™ Technical Centre has led to using the innovative technology of double face reactive fabrics. Hear more about how this technology champions both safety and comfort.

S-gard Expert Talk video preview image

Hear what S-Gard, one of the leading providers of modern, high-end fire service protective clothing, had to say about Nomex® Advance® Truecolor®.

Sioen Expert Talk Video preview image-

Hear from Sioen Firefighter Clothing, who have selected our new fabric for their firefighter suits. Find out more about the high standards of design, composition and manufacture that our fabric must measure up to before being selected by companies like Sioen.

Ballyclare Expert Talk video preview image

Find out why Ballyclare International, a leading protective clothing supplier, chose Nomex® Advance® TrueColor®, and how the product aligns with their values as a company.


Artem Fire & Rescue Academy have been using a suit made with AV 9400 for over 6 months while conducting technical rescue training. Read on for their findings.

SafetyMasters Expert Talk Video Preview

Not only is the AV 9400 flexible to move in, it can be customised with unique colour combinations. Eric from Safety Masters guides us through how the fabric allows for a better wearer experience.

Test Centre

Platform - NAT Wash down (EN)

Explore the visual assessment of each colour before washing and after 5 and 25 times washing and drying.

Platform - Tensile strength test (EN)

The tensile properties of the outer shell gets tested while simulating maximum force. Explore the maximized durability results for each colour. 

Copy of Platform - Abrasion resistance test (EN)

The outer shell gets tested to determine the abrasion resistance of fabrics by the Martindale method.

Copy of Platform - Stretch test (EN)

Experience the flexibility and recovery capabilities of this outer shell by watching this stretch test video.

Platform - Convective heat transfer test (EN)

Heat stress is the greatest risk to a firefighter’s life. View the thermal protection performances of this outer shell by watching the convective heat transfer test.

Copy of Platform - Spray rate test (EN)

During this test, the level of resistance to surface wetting of the outer shell gets analyzed. Find out the results for all colours.


DuPont™'s Thermo-Man® test is simulating the garment's exposure to direct fire with temperatures up to 1200 degrees Celsius, to determine possible 2nd and 3th degree burn injuries a firefighter might suffer. This spectacular test is conducted with a suit made with Nomex® Advance® Truecolor®.


IJsselland Safety Region modernises its fire suits for the future

In this case study, you'll learn how IJsselland set itself up for a successful garment selection process by reaching out to TenCate Protective Fabrics for objective advice early in the game. 

Read case

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“We are not just your protective clothing supplier. We offer managed services such as garment supply, leasing, web shop, RFID tracking and also cleaning and maintenance. Always designed with the wearer in mind. In a wide range of standard sizes and in male and female fit.“

Karin Klein Hesselink, Head of Product and Certification, Ballyclare International

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“A great advantage is the dynamic stretch that leads to more comfort and freedom of movement on important parts of the suit. Such as the shoulder combinations and the location of the breathing equipment.“

Eric Hendriks, Managing Director, Safety Masters

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“We are convinced by the perfect combination of protection, durability and movability. Try it yourself!“

Klaus Hawerkamp, Sales Director, S-GARD

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“The AV 9400 fabric is the perfect addition to help us improve your comfort and safety.“

Jean-Luc Sarlat, Business Development Manager, Sioen

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Find out which protective fabric perfectly matches your protective requirements and comfort preferences! Our Fire Service experts can help you make a confident decision.