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Tecasafe® Ecogreen -
XL 9240

Proven comfort in any situation

Guaranteed comfort in any situation

Soft, silky natural fibres provide superior moisture management, keeping you comfortable, cool and dry at all times thanks to constant breathability.

Lasting looks even with frequent washing

High durability maximises the lifetime of your protective workwear, with an excellent colour fastness rating of 4-5 after 50 industrial washing cycles (ISO 15797).

First eco-friendly inherent FR fabric with close to 50% sustainable materials

Lowers your footprint without compromising on the best inherent FR multi-norm performance. Featuring sustainably-sourced eco-friendly TENCEL™ Lyocell, with EPD® for measurable impact.

Technical specifications

  • Weight
    240 g/m²
  • Composition
  • PPE requirements
    F L E S C
  • Level of comfort


  • Level of durability


  • Sustainable
Available colours
  • Delft blue (89249) Delft blue
  • Intense blue (89350) Intense blue
  • Sunrise Orange (89305) Sunrise Orange
  • Yellow (EN 20471) (89251) Yellow (EN 20471)
  • Ribbon red (89252) Ribbon red
  • Black velvet (89254) Black velvet
  • Moonmist (89253) Moonmist
  • General requirements
    EN ISO 13688: 2013
  • Welding
    EN ISO 11611, class 1: 2015
  • Liquid chemicals
    EN 13034: 2005 + A1: 2009
  • Öko-Tex Standard 100, class 2
    Centexbel, no. 0903009
  • Anti-static for explosion risk
    EN 1149-5: 2018, EN 1149-3: 2004
  • Industrial flame & heat hazards
    EN ISO 11612 A1,A2,B1,C1,E2,F1: 2015 (A1 + A2= 100 x ISO 15797 - 75 ˚C)
  • Electric Arc
    Single Layer: EN IEC 61482-1-2, class 1; 2015 HRC/Category 2 (8 ≤ATPV ≥ 25 cal/cm2) System: XL9200 + XL9240 EN IEC 61482-1-2; 2015 class 2 (7kA) System: HRC/Category 2 (8 ≤ATPV ≥ 25 cal/cm2)EN 1149-5: 2018, EN 1149-3: 2004
  • Short-duration thermal exposures from fire
    NFPA 2112: 2018
  • High Visibility colour: Yellow Contrast colours are available
    EN ISO 20471: 2013
  • Wildland fire fighting
    EN ISO 15384:2020


Proven comfort in any situation

In the spirit of innovation, Tecasafe® Ecogreen was the first ever inherent FR multi-norm fabric to incorporate sustainable TENCEL™ Lyocell fibres. It provides improved comfort and extreme durability, while boasting a lower ecological footprint than cotton. Soft and breathable with superior moisture management properties, these patented fabrics continue to look good and perform well even after extensive industrial laundering.

With protection features for multiple high-risk situations, Tecasafe® Ecogreen is a collection of inherently heat- and flame-resistant fabrics that offer excellent protection, especially against flash fire and electric arc, while providing the wearer with outstanding comfort.

Do you want to know your positive impact to the environment?

This Eco-Fabrics Footprint Calculator is a quick and easy tool to measure the environmental impact of your workwear. Simply input your garment sets or fabric metres, as well as your sustainable fabric type, and you will receive an instant calculation of your workwear’s eco-footprint. It’s the perfect companion for working towards your company’s sustainability goals — why not give it a go today?

Garment sets
  • Garment sets
  • Meters
Sustainable fabric type
  • Sustainable Inherent FR fabric
    • Tecasafe® Ecogreen - XL 9240
    • Tecasafe® Ecogreen - XL 9300







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