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News - 2 min read

#COVID19 #keepgoing

In times of crisis like we are in today, one thing that has become very clear is how important certain critical professions are to all of us to fulfil our safety needs. Think of medical assistance, shelter, food and water. We want to honour all those people that are working hard to help us all overcome this crisis:

  • Of course medical personnel stands out the most, as many people in this sector are risking their own lives to take care of all those affected by COVID-19.

  • Supermarkets, and don’t forget the supply chain behind it, provide everybody with the necessary goods to encourage social distancing and make it possible for us to stay in the safety of your own home.

  • Pharmaceutical companies make sure all necessary medicines are available and new vaccines are being developed to control and stop this horrible virus from spreading.

  • Utility companies ensure we can work from home in a comfortable way, making sure we remain to have access to water, electricity and gas.

  • Communication companies suddenly are essential as the whole world has gone digital with so many of us working from home.

  • Logistic and delivery companies that ensure that food and other goods are available to us near our homes.

  • All other emergency services like fire departments, police and military that help enforce all those necessary measures to stop this virus from spreading further.

I am sure there are many more professions that perform critical jobs that help us go through this crisis. As everybody tries to figure out how they can contribute, we are honoured that many of these professions wear workwear and protective clothing made with our fabrics. And that’s why we #keepgoing and do anything we can to continue our operation to ensure all these men and women can perform their jobs in a safe and comfortable way. In this blog my colleague Ivo explains what measures we have taken to continue our operations in a safe way for our people.

Right now, we are receiving additional requests for fabrics that goes into healthcare clothing. We are working closely together with our supply chain partners to see what we can do to speed things up and as such make our contribution to all those men and women out there, performing those critical jobs for us.

Thanks to you all for the great work you are doing; let’s all #keepgoing and I am sure we will overcome this crisis together.

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