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Protective clothing during summertime

The summer has arrived in Europe. As a result many factories are heating up inside, especially those where machinery and production processes already produce a...


5 ways a protective clothing audit will boost employee satisfaction

Did you know that a happy employee is a safe employee? Fewer accidents and injuries occur when employees feel personally invested in contributing to a strong...


Proving sustainability throughout the value chain: Fristads’ Fusion Green collection

Think of sustainability as a snowball, gaining impact and momentum as it moves through the value chain from unprocessed materials to finished garments. Each...

Safety Champion Challenge


Test your knowledge with the Safety Champion Challenge

There are more norms and standards than ever, just to make sure that workers are safe on their job. Every work environment has its own rules and regulations....



Comfort = Safety: why comfort and safety in protective clothing go hand in hand

Which element is more important in protective clothing: safety or comfort? “Safety” seems to be the logical answer. After all, it is your job as a Health &...



Damen Shipyards Group takes safety to a higher level with a new and improved standard for protective workwear

In 2017, the desire for new workwear at a Romanian shipyard accelerated the earlier started project within Damen Shipyards Group. It sparked an...


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Industrial safety

The voice of the... tender: what a wear trial should really be about



3 important criteria to consider when choosing protective clothing

As a health and safety professional, you have a lot of responsibilities. Choosing the right protective clothing for employees is just one of them. You know...

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Metal & Steel

Do you really understand what EN ISO 11612 means for your protective clothing?

Standards in protective clothing are created to protect workers against hazards as much as possible. The EN ISO 11612 for example, is established to protect...