Visit us at Expoprotection 2018 in Paris

From 6 to 8 November, TenCate Protective Fabrics will be revealing its latest fabric innovations at the Expoprotection. Join us for the presentation of Tecawork™ Ecogreen and explore the world’s first 100% green workwear solution, or discover the unmatched tear strength of our new Tecasafe® Plus Gridstrong.

Sustainable and comfortable workwear fabrics
Tecawork™ Ecogreen is a range of fabrics for workwear that are not only more sustainable, but also take wearer comfort to a higher level – a unique combination. Tecawork™ Ecogreen fabrics are manufactured from Lyocell fibers from sustainable sourced wood and mechanically recycled polyester from PET bottles. The Lyocell content provides an unparalleled softness and supple feel. The fabrics also have excellent moisture-regulating properties. In addition, the fabrics are strong, have high mechanical properties and come with excellent colour retention capabilities, ensuring long-lasting looks even after repeated industrial laundering.

Tecasafe® Plus Gridstrong
Tecasafe® Plus with Gridstrong technology provides the fabric with superior strength and protective capabilities to ensure a long-lasting performance in tough environments. Besides that Tecasafe® Plus Gridstrong provides an excellent moisture management control that keeps the wearer cool and dry at all times and the fabric has an outstanding after-wash appearance.

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