TenCate Protective Fabrics wins the PPE Innovation Award for Tecasafe® Plus Truecolor

At the exhibition Préventica Lyon (29-31 May) we have received the PPE Innovation Award for our new product range Tecasafe® Plus Truecolor.
Amongst many candidates Tecasafe® Plus Truecolor was chosen by a jury of professional HSE managers from large industrial companies for its very superior comfort and durability features combined with high protection capabilities.

Everlasting looks and lower life cycle cost
Tecasafe® Plus Truecolor proves outstanding after-wash appearance and mechanical strength consistency even after 100 industrial washes. The fabric’s properties are everlasting which results in a lower total cost of ownership. Tecasafe® Plus Truecolor contains Lyocell which provides an excellent moisture management control that keeps wearers cool and dry. At the same time, it provides excellent protection against heat, flash fire, electric arc and chemical splashes.
Garments made from Tecasafe® Plus Truecolor retain their looks and performance even after 100 industrial washes. Deep shades will not fade, protecting your customers’ corporate image and keeping workers proud about their appearance. The fabric’s durability maximises garments’ life cycle, improving customers’ bottom line.

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