Prinses Máxima Centrum opts for sustainable uniform of Tecawork™ Ecogreen

The Prinses Máxima Centrum is the first centre for paediatric oncology in the Netherlands with 100% sustainable uniforms. The new clothing line was created thanks to an unequalled collaboration between designer, supplier, producer and laundry. The Prinses Máxima Centrum, located in Utrecht, opened its doors in May 2018.

Not just 100% green fibres, but comfortable too
Tecawork™ Ecogreen is the first 100% sustainable fabric on the market based on an innovative, eco-friendly fibre technology. Traditional cotton has a huge impact on the environment, so TenCate Protective Fabrics has replaced it with Lyocell in this 100% sustainable blend. Lyocell is made of sustainable sourced wood. The polyester component in the fabric is made of recycled PET bottles. To illustrate: a single uniform of size M contains 27 plastic half-litre bottles. This means no new raw materials are required and production uses significantly less energy. “We saw that all available sustainable blends in the market were basically only partially green,” explains Martine Kok, Product Manager Workwear at TenCate, “and we really wanted to provide a truly sustainable alternative. But the blend had to be even more comfortable for wearers, as well as resistant to the industrial washing process.”

Extensively tested
Because hospital clothing is used so intensively, and since hygiene is such a key aspect in a hospital, part of the responsibility for sustainability lies at the laundry. Titus Mulder, CEO of Rentex Floron: “For the purpose of sustainable laundry, we wash at lower than normal temperatures, but hot enough to kill bacteria. We use special disinfectants for this, which also have a lower impact on the environment.”

Effective collaboration
The decision to go for Tecawork™ Ecogreen was made in consultation with producer and collaborative partner of TenCate, De Berkel. Agnes Meinen, Sales Manager at De Berkel, is enthusiastic about the result: “The Prinses Máxima Centrum has far-reaching CSR ambitions, and with Tecawork™ Ecogreen we’re matching them step for step.” The new clothing line was designed by haute couture designer Monique Collignon, based on input from the Prinses Máxima Centrum children’s advisory council. Thanks to the seamless collaboration with all parties, the Prinses Máxima Centrum is now the first paediatric oncology centre in the Netherlands where 100% green uniforms are worn. ‘With corporate social responsibility being such an important focal point for our centre, we are immensely proud of our employees’ sustainable uniforms,’ says Diana Monissen, chairperson of the Board of the Prinses Máxima Centrum.

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