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TenCate Protective Fabrics is to supply TenCate Tecasafe® Plus fabrics for the protective clothing of Arkema employees. This relates to an order for a total of 23,000 items of clothing. The 60,000 metres of fabric that are required for this will be made into items of clothing by garment maker Mulliez-Flory. The decisive factors in reaching the supply agreement were the level of protection, wearer comfort and end-user marketing.

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As of January 2017, over 1,300 employees of SUEZ in Belgium will be wearing workwear made partly of TenCate Tecawork™ and produced by Van Heurck. Workers from different departments played a role in the choice of clothing and wearer trials. Forty of them assessed the clothing, for example in terms of wearer comfort and moisture-regulating properties.


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Bel-Confect has received an order to devel- op and supply clothing based on TenCate Tecasafe® Plus XL 9300 for employees of Borealis in Belgium. The order, which was acquired in 2013 and runs for five years, is for approximately 5,000 articles of clothing for some 700 employees at the three Borealis sites in that country.

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New: Tecasafe® Plus Gridstrong and Tecapro® Supersoft

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At the A+A 2017 we have presented the new fabrics Tecasafe® Plus Gridstrong and Tecapro® BG 9035 and BG 9045 Supersoft.

Tecasafe® Plus with Gridstrong technology provides the fabric with an unmatched tear strength to ensure a long-lasting performance in tough environments. The multi-functional Tecapro® Supersoft has an inside fleece that creates a soft and smooth touch to the skin, complemented with improved radiant heat performance.

Tecasafe® Plus Gridstrong (pdf)

Come by and visit us at Milipol in Paris

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Defender® M is a patented breakthrough flame-resistant fabric that is helping to protect military personnel in difficult circumstances all over the world. In combination with our wide range of innovative fabrics, we offer the most complete garment solutions for operational military and police uniforms.

You’ll be very welcome
As a global leader in FR fabrics for those working in conflict or danger zones, we are pleased to present our Defender™ M fabrics to you at Milipol in Paris. We look forward to meeting you at our booth in Hall 6, booth E200.

TenCate introduces Tecawork™ Ecogreen at A+A

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Comfortable & sustainable workwear fabrics made of 100% green fibres

TenCate Protective Fabrics proudly introduces Tecawork™ Ecogreen, a range of fabrics for workwear that are not only more sustainable, but also take wearer comfort to a higher level – a unique combination. Besides having a fundamentally lower environmental impact, these fabrics have improved characteristics, such as excellent breathability and a soft and supple feel. From 17th to 20th October, TenCate will present these new fabrics at the A+A trade fair in Düsseldorf (Germany).

More sustainable and more comfortable 
TenCate Tecawork™ Ecogreen fabrics are manufactured from 100% bio-cellulosic fibres from FSC wood and 100% mechanically recycled polyester from PET bottles. This significantly reduces the environmental impact compared to fabrics from traditional cotton and virgin polyester. In addition to being more sustainable, TenCate Tecawork™ Ecogreen fabrics have a high bio-cellulosic content, providing an unparalleled softness and supple feel. The fabrics also have excellent moisture-regulating properties. The fabric is strong, has high mechanical properties and comes with excellent colour retention capabilities, ensuring long-lasting looks even after repeated industrial laundering.

Panama and Ripstop

Other workwear fabrics showcased at A+A will be Tecawork™ Panama, a range of tough and robust, yet also light and comfortable fabrics ideal for stylish heavy-duty workwear, and Tecawork™ Ripstop, a highly durable fabric particularly resistant to tearing with a fine and smooth structure that enhances wearer comfort.

Visit us at A+A!

TenCate will present the new Tecawork™ fabrics at the international A+A trade fair in Germany, a leading event for occupational safety, which takes place from 17th to 20th October in Düsseldorf. You can visit us there in Hall 3, Stand D54.

You’ll be very welcome at RETTmobil 2017 in Fulda (Germany)

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TenCate Protective Fabrics will be present on the RETTmobil 2017. This is the European leading exhibition for rescue and mobility. It is being held in Fulda in Germany on Wednesday 10 May until Friday 12 May. We look forward to meeting you at our booth (hall K, stand 1605). Here you can see and feel the latest, innovative products from TenCate that protect against heat and fire and reduce heat stress.

Best tested outershells: strongest & lightest
We will present our different outer shells. For example the TenCate Millenia™: extremely strong fabric that is also very light and comfortable. Combining these best tested outershell(s) with the right moisture barrier and thermal liner, makes it the most advanced layered system(s) for firefighting turnout gear.

TenCate Defender™ M thermal barrier and liner for firefighters
TenCate Defender™ M is a patented breakthrough flame-resistant fabric that helps to protect military personnel in difficult circumstances all over the world. This successful TenCate Defender™ M technology has been used to develop an new innovative thermal liner and barrier for fire fighter turnout gear.

This development is engineered with TenCate Coolderm-Technology® to provide superior moisture management combined with excellent insulation and protection from heat while offering an evaporative cooling effect to keep the underlying skin cooler and drier; it contributes to the reduction of heat stress.

As a global leader in FR-fabrics for firefighters, we are proud to present you these fabrics

Visit TenCate at Enforce Tac 2017 in Nürnberg (Germany)

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TenCate Protective Fabrics will be present as exhibitor on the Enforce Tac 2017. This is an international exhibition & conference for law enforcement, security and tactical solutions. It is being held in Nürnberg in Germany on Wednesday 1 March and Thursday 2 March.

We look forward to meeting you at our booth (hall 10.1, stand 531) where you can see and feel the latest, innovative products from TenCate.

Protective fabrics for uniforms: more comfort, better protection
Law enforcement personnel are often placed in dangerous situations. If they are not arresting a dangerous armed suspect, they may well be confronted with fuel spills, sharp objects, heat, flames, dirt and blood. No surprise then that they are keen to wear clothing that offers optimum protection, feels comfortable and regulates moisture effectively.

TenCate Defender® M is the leading inherently flame-resistant fabric that offers the best combination of characteristics:

  • Best protection against heat and flame
  • Resistance to penetration by liquids
  • Lightweight, breathable and moisture regulating
  • Long wear life and colorfast

Audi chooses work clothing based on TenCate fabrics

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During the past year, production workers of car manufacturer Audi have been wearing work clothing based on TenCate Tecawork™. It is about some 20.000 employees who are employed at the company headquarters in Ingolstadt and the production company Neckarsulm (Germany).

Wear trials and wash tests
Wearer trials were conducted on proposed garments involving 1,800 employees in all divisions of VW and Audi. They evaluated the clothing on aspects like breathability, freedom of movement and wearer comfort – even after a number of industrial launderings. After all, work clothing can sometimes be industrially laundered up to 150 times during its service life. These wearer trials led to establishing the two defined fabrics, including TenCate Tecawork™ BG 1003.

Thanks to its high quality, durability and great appearance even after industrial washes, TenCate Tecawork™ – BG 1003 has been a favorite fabric among workwear producers for many years now. Please contact us for sample material and specifications.

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